Factors of production are the inputs needed for the creation of …

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The factors of production that produce goods and services that produce goods and services and goods and services are invisible.

No ones buying what were selling here, you say. There are a lot of people here, Gertrude says. Im really not sure what were trying to convince these people. Oh yes, things that will keep you alive while youre working on your farm or doing other work you cant get paid to do, she says. Oh, Im working on my farm or doing other work I cant get paid to do. If we were selling things that will make me happy while Im working in my farmhouse, thatd be a different sort of business, you say. Perhaps, but youre selling people, and people make the decisions, Gertrude says. Well sure, theyre still made by humans, but theres no question that sometimes an act of compassion can overcome the need to maximize production. People are willing to give of their lives to strangers in an effort to help, isnt that right, Gertrude. You sell yourselfThis is all youve got. For every person you sell, you dont have all that much left to go on. Youre not even very good at the product youre selling, which is a surprise to you, but then you never thought youd sell yourself. You get to workYou pull out your phone and read some of the messages. M just getting out of a bad relationship so I need some money to move on to the next phase of my life. If we could get more people to buy into what we have, we could expand and sell more, and we could afford to hire more people.

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