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And of course now you can do it all from your phone. So there it is, Facebook has given the world a new way to interact, see, discuss and engage with each other. The only thing that needs to be said is please dont try to sell drugs on Facebook. You buy a Facebook pageWith the growth of Facebook in mind, you would purchase a Facebook business page. However, you need to put in the money to make it happen. That will certainly help you get more friends. You buy a Facebook pageThe next thing you do is go to the Facebook Business Page and download that app to your phone. Once youre there, you want to choose what type of business you want to establish. You can either choose a generic page and let the page automatically populate with friends who will post about whatever you post, or you can select a specific niche to promote. You will also want to tell the FB Business Page what audience type youre looking to reach. The page will then tell you how much time you will get for the ad impressions. You may notice on Facebook, an hour is listed and that would be the ad cycle time. You can usually get at least 1,000 impressions over that time. Your business will then have a new option to contact the FB business page, and then the purchase process will begin. You decide to buy now because you want to make the business page experience as pleasant as possible. You will have more money to spend and so far it seems like this will benefit the page, too. It is worth noting you wont know how much money will you make until you actually spend it and you have to wait until the 30th day in order to make the purchase. You will also have to wait 30 days before you can sell your advertising. You wait a few daysYou wait a few days and then you make the purchase. You have 30 days to make a profit or you will owe Facebook a small charge for the ads shown. You wait a few more days and then send the payment so you dont have to wait any more. You wait a few more days again. You wait a few more days again and then you send the payment to the FB page. You wait a few more days even more.

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