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What the hell, you think, I was born in this country, I aint going to start selling my ass out. M not selling my body to pay for these pills. So you sell your body and drugs. S easier said than done of course since it involves an entire day of being passed out in a motel room. You wake up early in the morning and start walking to the bus depot. You stop every couple blocks to pee and then another half an hour to eat and then another half an hour more for sleeping. T nearly as crowded as you thought they would be. Eventually you arrive back in the city and take a cab to your first stop: the local drugstore. Yeah, guess some people got jobs and stuff yesterday. M here to buy some more pills. Oh, um, you must be the friend of that young blonde girl that works there. Damn, well I might have some more in my store down the street. Wait a minute, why did you say you had some more of the pills that I thought you had. No, I mean why were you buying them. S attitude makes you feel a little better about your choice of living arrangements. S a bit chubbier than most women her age, but she still manages to remain pretty.

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