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Im new around here, why not. The GovernorGovernor: What, you mean like Governor Silver. No, thats the Deputy Governor, whos been with me forever. I didnt know there was supposed to be one around here. Are you here to assist Mayor Hightower in establishing a government. I suppose I could assign you a lesser official, but I cant in good conscience do that to you. The Governor asks for your name and occupationGovernor: Sir. A man or a woman of your station would know that the Governors office is not the proper place for a mundane question like that. The Governor asks for your official titleGovernor: Oh, I see that my office does not have such a title. I have every confidence you will serve well in your new position. The Governor requests an oathGovernor: Okay, a simple affirmation. An oath that you will faithfully serve your new post. Im sorry, but my station here demands much more of a soldier for a mere state senator than the pledge of allegiance. The Governor apologizesGovernor: Oh no, Im sorry. A simple affirmation wouldnt do for someone of your position. You decline the oathYou: Okay, I dont swear. You againYou: I would rather go home, thank you. You againYou: Okay, Ill swear, but just for a moment. The Governor accepts your oathGovernor: Very good, then leave me. The Governor leaves you and heads back upstairs. The new executive order of the Executive Branch comes down.

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