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IPHONE owners are being urged to check their serial numbers – it can reveal if you've been scammed.

The secret codes on your iPhone serial number are easy to identify if you know how, and explain things like whether you've been sold a new or refurbished phone.

Life hack TikTok creator @kaansanity posted the video that is nearing one million likes.

He said: "Watch this before you get a new iPhone.

"Open up Settings and hit About."

About is found under General in the Settings menu.

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The TikTok star continued: "And then look at the beginning of the Model Number.

"If it starts with M that stands for 'New' and F stands for 'Refurbished'."

The video also states on screen that the letter P stands for Personalised and the letter N stands for Replacement.

Creator @kaansanity continued: "The letters at the end tell you where the phone was supposed to be sold.

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"Share this with your friends so you don't get scammed."

By scammed, he means you might want to check the serial number on an iPhone you're thinking of buying or have just bought to check that the seller has been honest about whether it's new and where it's from.

You can run into problems if you buy an Apple iPhone from a country that you're not based in.

Although iPhones are considered to be world phones, you will face issues with your warranty and you may need to get the iPhone unlocked to use it properly.

For example, FaceTime is banned on iPhones in the United Arab Emirates.

The TikTok video reveals a few letters which state where the iPhone was supposed to be sold.

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Look at the letters before the / symbol in your Model Number.

The letters LL stand for USA and the letter B stands for the UK and Ireland.

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