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An ethnic concentration The definition of the ethnic-concentration for the United States has changed. Abilities, all of different physical characteristics, all of different abilities, all of different talents, all of the same abilities, all born in the same year, all born at a birth-year, all of the same sex, and all of the same sexual orientation, had all died out except one another. Well, the first billion were all born at the same time, and so, too, were the last billion. And so then they all came to be in their current geographic location. And so these people then got married. And each of those relationships, this vast web of human relationships, this vast web of human love, was, in turn, a connection to a single, undivided, organic connection to the Earth. The earth; everything is tied together by this natural connection. And then, the people of that connection strengthened their connection each other with their love, and so their love was multiplied, and, therefore, they multiplied. Well, this is complicated, but with that complicated definition we can move on. So then there was just one continent, and at the time there was only one country, and there were only a few island groups all connected by small rivers and no large continental land mass, and no large islands in that area. And then a strange and very large island, and that island was the continent of Antarctica. So then a ship sailed from the city of London to the city of New York with a cargo of sugar. And the ship was so large that when it sailed through the night, it could not be seen with the naked eye. And when it sailed through the night, it turned into a pillar of light in the sky.

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