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The next week, on June 11, I returned to Kolkata. In doing so, I got a little lost in the city, but for the most part, I didnt bump into trouble or danger. I did manage to bump into a couple of the writers of the column you find in my book that had been on the front of my mind since the last column I had written for English magazine. I remember going out for a late dinner at a restaurant that is not yet closed to its last customer, and I remember being somewhat tipsy when I asked if he wanted my autograph. This Singh boy was in the same grade as me as a student in class 3. The little restaurant where I was having dinner was on the same road that I had gone to school on as a student. I was back in the place where I had learned to count to 100 without being sure of the next number, where I had learned to ask for the names of my parents from strangers and the names of my friends when I wanted to know the hours of the place where they went to school and the day of the week. I wanted to try to write the next four columns in my head. In between would be a column about the two biggest football matches of the summer of 1971. My old friend Ajit was the one who had come up with this idea to organize the column. He had sent me a telegram saying, I have this idea you should do this column. I want us to call it Crickets First 100. The very next day I went to my college to be the first in the class to play cricket during a.

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