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Youmight be able to take some of these guys out of the fight. Re close enough to the door, you open it and you see a large wooden door made of wood, with an emblem on the front. T read the English written on the front, or even the Cyrillic, but fortunately in your native language you can at least see the designs there. You open the door and a young man enters. I believe you were mentioned briefly in the report I saw earlier today. M just a little pre-occupied right now. M more than experienced in house defense. Ve even played several times on the security team before they disbanded. T saying they would, I just wanted you to know. T, I just wanted you to know that I can handle some of these new guys and gals. Re all trained up enough to handle themselves. T have to shoot unless they get attacked. After a few quiet moments of John calming down, you make an offer. S your payment before I give you my approval.

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