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Re not interested in anything to do with pedophilia. You head back to your room and lock the door, feeling more frustrated and angry than ever. Ve had to deal with, you just want to leave. Re deciding if you should leave or not, you bump into some of the other people from the dorm. Re all still in their clothes from yesterday, but you see a few in their underwear or even a few a little younger than you. The more you see of these people, the more disgusted you get. Some of them look a bit drunk, but none seem to be acting inappropriately. Re still in clothes and not in their undergarments. One of the older folks starts shouting something to the group of guys. They all look at each other and then begin to leave the dorm. A couple of them then head out the door that you locked behind you. Re a little more aware that there actually ARE some good reasons for everything. You say to yourself and leave your room to go see what all the fuss is about. S room, with one in particular walking with a man. Well wait a minute, we were talking, but then one of us had to leave so maybe we should stop talking to each other and go see him. T leave well enough alone, so you get in your car and go check it out, it looks like the pair of them are really into each other.

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