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After the accusations, there was a change of management in the island.

Epstein is seen on video as he starts lewd and exploitative behavior on one of the girls but his family claims that Epstein was taken away by the police on conspiracy charges. Even after the charges have been dropped, Epstein keeps his residence at St. James Islands private and his family claims he is not going to move. Government is still looking for Epstein for trafficking of underage girls. The reporter is surprised that there are no policemen on the island to do anything; it could be the United States has finally decided to be the world police and to enforce its laws over the rest of the world. It is a strange coincidence that the same day, another strange coincidence occurs which is very unusual. It is a Thursday and at midnight, a huge explosion is heard in a mountainous area. Meanwhile, the reporter decides to go to the island to see what has happened. He leaves Mola and goes to Saint James Isles to pick up a taxi driver who is going to take him to St. At the time he arrives on the island, he sees a large black object flying over the trees. The object looks like a UFO and it is heading straight towards the island. The reporter cant believe his eyes, the island has suddenly become very interesting to him. As he approaches the island, he notices that the plane has landed there and a helicopter has arrived there as well. There are two helicopters and they both are heavily damaged. There is a huge hole in one of the helicopters and some of the passengers are dead. One of the helicopters has a damaged fuel tank and the other helicopter is broken into several parts. The reporter tries to contact the radio tower but the phone line has totally disappeared. The island is very difficult to get to; only two taxis are available. One taxi is a huge, old and rusted out car. The other taxi is a taxi that is still in working condition but its windows are broken. The reporter goes on foot to pick up the taxi driver, but there is a wall built around the island. On the boat, the reporter sees a very old, broken down, very dirty, extremely smelly boat. The boat belongs to no one; no one can get onto it, the only way to get onto the boat is to jump in it.

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