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Economics a subject of study in economics; an9t, s algorithms and theory. You decide that if you are going to make a name for yourself, you need to start a new enterprise. You have always wanted to do this, but for whatever reason, you have never gotten around to it. You figure why should you start now, you need to be patient. You feel like this is the time to prove yourself. Re not going to go back to your old job. Re going to start your own business. Re not going to have any employees on staff. Re going to be hiring people on an hourly basis instead. Ve been wanting to start something like this since the big break up with Amanda, but never pulled it off. You need an outlet for all your energy and creative juices. You decide to start the business of your dreams, where you can be the boss and you will be taking advantage of this new life style. Re going to be able to pay for your own way to a fancy party on the weekend. Re also going to have to have a good sounding name. You need a name that will entice potential customers in to your establishment, and make them want to pay you a lot for your entertainment. A name that will make you one of the most high profile venues in the city. You go back to your old office and open up your old computer. T going to be working any longer you can be completely alone. T think that name is going to stand out, you have to come up with something more catchy. A lot of the names that came to mind were pretty lame and.

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