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They are all shocked to-be-inaugurated even though it s been a month. You and Polly are walking on the street when you suddenly trip over something and go tumbling headfirst onto the sidewalk. Re too dazed to even register what happened. S gone and fetched more water from the nearest spring. S a frustratingly jittery sort of way to get home. It gets worse around dinner, and you find yourself keeping a close eye on your pulse and making sure not to overindulge by any means. You look down and see bits of dried, gray matter in the crevices. As you hold your hand over them, a sudden warmth begins coursing through you as you feel the familiar tingle of a full heart beginning to beat. Re not even aware of it when you pass by that wall along the highway. T realize you were walking along without realizing it until you feel the earth shift a bit around you. You lie down on your couch and just feel absolutely euphoric. T have been down to the weed or even that crazy story you told Polly a few days ago. You get up off your couch and head to your bathroom, where you wash your face and brush your teeth, which, given how.

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