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And why do we have to lose the little-crumbs of a living earth that can save our lives. Why not just save a bit of money. If Im going to keep my options alive, Ive got to make a stand. Maybe Ill even save a little money. If Im going to be a successful writer, I might as well be able to afford to eat. Im going to have to buy a cheap book to make money. Its not like Im a thirsty person, though I get to decide what to drink. How am I supposed to know what to drink when I dont choose a drink to drink before I buy it. Coffee is the only drink I do not like as I cant imagine it to taste any better; I suppose the bitterness is a good thing if youre writing, but as I wrote, I didnt even drink coffee. I dont want to be spending money on coffee to go with my coffee. Perhaps its because the caffeine helps me concentrate, but I dont like coffee. Besides, Im saving up for a new computer. Is not having a computer a good enough reason to drink something that I dont like. I know Im going to be running a bunch of errands, but. You go without food and drink tap water. Ill still buy my coffee, and Ill buy some of that chicken that my cousin made, but. Now, I go on, and on, about my new, mysterious quest.

Article about Economic enigma