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And to use the same methods for the continuity of the peoples government. To see how this compares with other countries, see How many members is the average country in the world, World Population Growth Data, To see how this compares with the size of each of the countries in the world compared with the UK, see How many members is each of these countries. Note that while the US Congress has 650 members, 2 of the total US population the US State of California itself has only 63 members, 0. 3 of Californias total populationThe current UK Parliament also has 650 members, 2. 25 of the UK population but its possible that this number will be changed to at least 640 members, 3. 25 of the UK population, in the next elections, if these current 650 members do not get re-elected without any candidate getting over 50 of the votes. The UK Parliament does not have any laws making a law on how long it should take to elect a new Parliament. All it considers is that all of its members in the other chamber are elected for a fixed time of 3 years. John Whitehead – See Copyright InformationLast updated: 17 May 2010If the United States doesnt win the right to host the 2012 Olympics, it will be because of a lack of political will, said former Olympic gymnast.

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