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Im just going to go into my apartment and call the police, get a search warrant, then Ill go to your house and have a look around, and then we can go from there. If you really do have something illegal in the house, then we cant really do anything about it. Youve already admitted to me that youve got a stash of drugs of yours. If you want to keep those, youre going to have to cooperate with me. I dont want the police to be able to trace my calls to you, so I need you to just stay on the line and not use your own computer. If you want, you can even call someone else and have them help you. Or, you can call me and pretend you call someone else. We can even make up a phone number, a fake name, a different address, whatever. If you really want to keep your drugs, however, I dont think you should call anyone else. You should just keep everything to yourself. I know youre feeling really tempted right now. Thats what gets you into a lot of trouble with the law, so just think about that, okay. Think about what you can honestly tell me. So, I guess thats your choice, isnt it. Is there anything you can think of to keep your stash. You just admitted that youve got a stash of drugs of yours. I know you were going to have them hidden somewhere. You can even keep them all right here in your apartment and take them when this is done. I can keep the SWAT team here and ready to shoot you now. You just need to keep your end of the deal, okay.

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