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Elon Musk, the inventor of PayPal, a rocket power that launched the man on the first man-made trip into space, is the co-creator of SpaceX, a space transportation company. Elon, along with a small team of talented engineers, designers and builders, are developing new and unproven technologies for the benefit of humanity. Elon Musk is a rare breed; a self-made man who not only built a successful company, but also did it using the worlds existing technology, while at the same time giving back to the world and creating innovative new products and businesses that employ hundreds of people and change the way we all live. His vision and optimism has been instrumental in the companys success. He has also demonstrated a talent for invention and innovation that has been instrumental in the companys mission. His efforts to change the world are the reason SpaceX is currently in operation. SpaceXs goal is to send people to Mars, a project that has had many skeptics but which is now nearing completion in a manner that is sustainable, cost-effective and technologically feasible. The SpaceX Dragon capsule will be the first spacecraft to carry humans to and from Mars, a journey that will last approximately a year. This is a person you would want on your side if you had to face down an alien invasion. SpaceX has been instrumental to the US space program. The company is also an important part of a growing commercial space industry, which can only enhance our ability to explore space for the benefit of humanity. SpaceX has received many awards, including the NASA Innovation Award 2010. In 2012 SpaceX was selected by the US government as a new entrant into the Commercial Space Flight Program, or Calspan, an organization which will provide low-cost low-risk rides to the International Space Station for US companies. At the time of this writing, SpaceX has a backlog of NASA contracts to be honored which include the following:This is the result of a competitive and transparent procurement process, one that will provide American taxpayers with the best value for their investment in space transportation. The government is providing SpaceX with a reliable and cost-effective way to ensure we are meeting the needs of our customers and advancing Americas space capabilities. It also provides SpaceX with the opportunity to expand its presence on a global scale, which is a critical aspect of the commercial space industrys growth strategy. If elected President, your priority as President will be to keep companies like SpaceX alive so we can maintain our position as a leader on the space front for the benefit of all humanity. SpaceX is: Working with NASA to develop a new line of reusable rockets for NASA and commercial customers, and developing the necessary technology to transport crews and cargo to the International Space Station, ISS, and other destinations in space. Creating jobs right in our own backyard through the development of new products.

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