Eileen Gu's sponsors show 'the corrupt and weak corporations of America': Cain

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Eileen Gu shows the ‘corrupt and weak corporations of America’: Cain

Fox News host Will Cain explains what American-born Eileen Gu competing for China in the Beijing Olympics reveals on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

Fox News host Will Cain exposed the “corrupt and weak corporations of America” like American-born Olympic skier Eileen Gu’s sponsors Wednesday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”


Gu will compete for China in the upcoming Beijing Olympics. She is sponsored by Louis Vuitton and Victoria’s Secret, among other companies.

” … [T]here’s very few American companies that wouldn’t and haven’t already done the same thing as Eileen Gu,” Cain said. “They’ve already turned their back on the United States of America in exchange for Chinese riches, and that’s why she’s a symbol. You want to look at something to be really upset about — it’s not the ungrateful child of America. It’s the corrupt and weak corporations of America.” 

Cain pointed out “the inherent immorality of capitalism devoid from a moral, principled grounding.”

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He called Gu “ungrateful, for her to betray, turn her back on the country that not just raised her, but turned her into a world-class skier with the training and facilities that only the United States of America can provide. For her to then turn her back on that in exchange for money is shameful.”

Cain compared her to a child moving out of the “warm home” in which they were raised, warning that she “will soon … come to regret it.”

Chinese tennis player Peng Shuai “mysteriously disappeared” after accusing former Chinese Vice-Premier Zhang Gaoli of sexual assault in November, Cain noted.

“Eileen Gu, I think, has had to sacrifice her American passport,” he said. “So welcome to China. I hope stardom and the riches that you have earned through betraying America are all worth it, because you have definitely sold out.” 

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