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Please go- check out your room. You send an email to the CPA Professional Education ProgramYou immediately send an email to the CPA Professional Education Program, with the subject line Important. The email is automatically answered within a few minutes. You send another email stating that you have arrived and that you have checked your room. You also ask if you can speak in person today and if it is OK if you leave now. The Professional Education Program is an ideal choice for students who want to continue their education, but still require financial support in order to complete their courses. The program is offered on a continuing education basis at one of the CPA Professional Education Centers. These centers generally provide the most comprehensive educational programs available. Unfortunately, due to high demand, the costs associated with operating the center can be prohibitive to many students. The Professional Education Program does provide a number of financial assistance options to students who would like to attend the program but cant afford the costs. These student assistance options are offered to all applicants; however, we strongly encourage students who do not qualify for these programs to apply anyway. These students will receive the benefit of an advanced, full-time education as well as financial assistance. With regard to your situation, the Professional Education Program is unable to assist you with tuition and fees at this time. We are working to make arrangements to get you the education that you will have a need for. Student loans for which you will be eligible for a low interest rate of 3.

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