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But the first factor that affects the economic stability of a country is economic economic stability. You answer with an example of your countrys economic situationThe United States has a strong economy, although it only has a minor share of the worlds total economy. Jasper nods, The economy of the United States is stronger than most other countries because of the United States vast natural resourcesYou sigh, As a result, we have a more secure future than a lot of other countries. Jasper shrugs, The United States has always had a strong economy, just not as strong as other developed countries. You nod, Which is why its very easy for us to remain one of the strongest economies in the world. Jasper raises his hand in dismissal, So youre saying the United States has very little influence on the world economy. Like, there arent a lot of things we can do to bring down the world economy. You continue talkingIm saying the United States has no power in the world economy. The United States economic influence is limited, in that it doesnt have a major influence over the world economy. You shrug, We have a strong technological base and our economy is strong, but technological advancement has to be driven by a countrys economy. Jasper sighs, So the United Kingdom is able to have a technological development that is many times faster than the United States. You answer, Because the United Kingdom has a stronger economy, and a stronger technological base. And, the United Kingdom can use its technological development to create an economic competitor in other countries with the technological development it has. Jasper frowns, So its like if the United States creates a new aircraft that is ten times more efficient and faster than any other aircraft, then the United Kingdom can copy it and increase its efficiency and speed ten times. You sigh, Yes, thats the essence of the situation. If the United Kingdom makes a better aircraft than the United States, then the United States is forced to increase its technology in the plane it makes to keep up with the United Kingdoms plane. If the United Kingdom does this, then the United Kingdom will also have a major economic role in modern aviation. Jasper grunts, But, I understand your point. If the United States was able to increase its planes efficiency ten times and put it in the hands of other countries, then the United States will now have an aircraft industry that controls the industry around the world.

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