Economic interdependence is a consequence of specialization or the division …

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Economic interdependence is the product of interpreters, but, even though Interpreters must all think alike to function well, in order for the system to function as a whole everyone must agree on the goals of the system and the overall organization of the information, which is what interpreters do. This division of labor is a necessary part of creating a more efficient and detailed system. The higher-level information must be broken down and provided to the lower-level systems in order for them to function well. An excellent example of this is an interpreter who helps provide an excellent overview of information given to the team by the higher-level systems. This is the only way the team itself is able to function at its best. Even though the information provided by the higher-level system is already going to be detailed and detailed information, this is still the only form of information that is being provided in a form that can be processed immediately and used to function. For example, in the Interpreters job, they do not give the same level of detailed information as the other interpreters, but the information they do give can be used immediately as well as be given in a more concise manner than most others. Note to self: This is a necessary definition since we are currently discussing the definition of the term interpreter. The next page contains an essay by a person with a name that you remember. Hes a man in his late thirties, has a slight build, and wears a blue button-up shirt underneath a loose-fitting black t-shirt with dark brown pants. He looks down at the page and says, Well, thats it then. You nod in response, Well thats good. I was looking forward to writing an essay for a class assignment. Ive had enough of math for one day. The man sighs in disappointment, Oh well, at least youve got some common sense. The man looks up at the sky with a serious expression, Im off now, youve done well today. He turns around, walks away, and leaves the classroom. I think he was just trying to put me off, You think to yourself, as you walk to class. In class, the teacher seems to be doing a really bad job of keeping attention on her lesson. You sit down at the back of the class, far away from the rest of the ones in the front. At first after you sat down, you thought it was because all.

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