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The thing is, youre not sure if this is going to work out. All your work is in the area of economics; the area that is the source of all modern economy. Youve learned all the basics: production, distribution, value addition, price, volume, brand, variety, quality, etc. Product differentiation, marketing, advertising, promotion, and a host of other aspects. Your only concerns right now are the two that your superiors are most concerned about: inflation and unemployment. These are the two things that will impact your career the most. Even when you were in school, you knew that if there was inflation, it would negatively impact your future earnings. You thought about this on a daily basis; even when you were unemployed, you thought about it. However, youve come to a conclusion that there is no need to worry about this. If it were higher, youd have a problem because youd start producing at a smaller-than-normal cost. On the other hand, you do remember something that some economist has mentioned: The Great Depression. A couple years ago, inflation in your nation was high. However, in that case, the consumer price index went up due to inflation not because there had been a decrease in the actual price of a good. It was possible that this could happen with your nation as well. The question is whether youve gotten enough supplies to get the inflation down a little so that you dont experience a recession in the near future. If you cant get the inflation down to a level that can be sustained, you may decide that you dont want to go into the area of economics. If inflation is a concern, you may also decide to go into a different field. Either way, you need to get more supplies. You try to find some way to increase your supply. You walk around town, but you cant find anything that can increase the supply in such a way that you can make a difference to the price of goods. If you could find something like a truck in the area of economics or advertising, you could increase the supply of the goods that you can make a difference to the price of. Youre not sure what you can do now, since you havent been promoted yet and you have no idea if youre getting the job. However, one thing you can do, even though its dangerous, is to use your mind. If you can develop a new idea for a product, then you may be able to solve your problem. You go to see the store manager and ask him for advice. Dont you think that Ive got some supply in my area of economics.

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