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As such, economic development should be the main focus of your government. But, this is where the word progress and its associated connotation often causes more trouble than it should. Its a word that most people associate with a lot of negative things, such as greed. However, the thing is, economic development is a very good thing. Its just that doing such a thing too much is a lot of work. It requires the effort of a great many people with a lot of different abilities and resources, so it has to be done carefully. And so, the fact that your people have started to build a new city on a much smaller scale, without any great effort, might be a good opportunity for you. Its also a good opportunity to get away from this process of development, if you will. The only problem is, though, that your people are doing it on a very small scale. It doesnt seem to be anywhere near as big as they claim. The people are actually complaining about how they dont have enough to go around, like theyre living in a feudal society. Your people have taken to complaining, which doesnt exactly make you feel much better. Of course, the people are also unhappy about something else. Theyre starting to feel the effects of your increased taxes on top of the price hike. Of course, their complaints havent gotten to the political classes yet, but youre fairly certain that they wont be long in noticing. And then, the people start to get even more fed up with your increased taxes. The people might decide to revolt, you have to do something or theyll never learn to work together and develop a larger city with your help. Your first thought is to ask the Duke for help. Why not, hes already helping you quite a lot. However, the problem with this approach, is that the Duke has other things on his mind, such as helping the merchants and their trade. Your second thought is to get as friendly with the people as possible and try to change their minds. This is the method that you decide to follow after you have your own people working for you and are able to do some major renovations to your city. The only problem with this solution is, though, that it doesnt really work any better. For one thing, your people seem to actually be complaining even more about the new taxes. Theyre still complaining about them, but now theyre not complaining about the cost, theyre complaining about the new taxes. Youre starting to think that even if you tried to convince them that their feelings were better with the new taxes, it wouldnt work. A little more research of your own doesnt get you any less mad, but it does bring you to the realization that you might not be able to get rid of.

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