‘Easy’ way to unblock sink drains – ‘blast years worth of gunk in seconds’

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Wickes explains how to fix a blocked sink at home

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Trapped food and other debris congeal in the pipes of sinks and cause a blockage. This causes the water to drain slowly or stop draining completely. If Britons have noticed a foul smell coming from the sink, it’s probably because the grime has started to grow bacteria and mould. While unclogging the sink is usually pretty straightforward, there is one instance where your best DIY plumbing skills just won’t cut it. 

Professional plumbers name the number one culprit of a perpetually blocked sink and what it will take to unblock it.

Jake Romano, the manager of John the Plumber, goes as far as to say that “when a kitchen sink is always blocking up, I’d be happy to bet money that you have quite a bit of grease and gunk in the drains”.

Gene Fitzgerald, a certified plumber and Head of Content at Best Osmosis Systems warned that “unfortunately, even the best unclogging hacks hardly ever handle blockages caused by oil and fats”.

So how can homeowners get rid of fat deposits in drains?

You’ve probably guessed it, prevention is better than cure when it comes to most plumbing problems and this one is no exception.

Gene advises advises the common-sense approach.

She said: “Keeping your sink free from all kinds of oil is the best way forward. It’s quite easy. 

“Don’t pour oils and fats into your sink drain if you want a clog-free sink.”

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Those who do have a situation where their sink is blocked because of grease buildup, it’s time to call in a professional.

Jake reassured homeowners on the easiest way to deal with blocked drains.

He said: “Many plumbers and drain cleaning services offer Hydro Jetting. 

“Hydro jets are powerful pressure washers with a long, flexible hose that can be pushed through your drain system. 

“It’s designed in such a way that it can move around bends in your pipes, and it can blast away years worth of gunk in seconds.”

Unfortunately, “if the grease is too thick or hard, you may be out of luck,” says the expert.

Oftentimes, kitchen pipes need to be replaced due to the nature of grease clogs. 

Only a certified plumber will be able to tell you whether your grease clogs are resolvable, so call one in anyway.

If you’re certain that grease isn’t causing the blockage, there are a few other things to consider.

Jake said: “If it’s not a grease clog that’s causing your issues, it could be incorrect slopes, pipe fittings, types of pipe, venting, or sewer issues. 

“Sometimes, your best bet is to hire a professional with a drain camera that’s designed for smaller pipes and have them inspect it.

“It’s important to note that not all companies that offer drain inspection cameras are equipped with cameras that can navigate through pipes. 

“In fact, not many companies offer that camera – as they’re easily damaged. 

“So, I recommend asking the company first if they can inspect your system with the equipment they offer.”

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