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A CAR expert has revealed an easy way to fix your car's leaks yourself and it could save you hundreds.

Motors guru Scotty Kilmer took to social media to explain the genius hack to fellow drivers.

In a clip posted to his YouTube channel, he showed a money-saving tip to fix your vehicle's leaks.

Scotty said: "Let's say you've got an old car like mine, it's not easy to get parts for a 24-year-old car.

"And maybe your thermostat gasket is leaking, so here's how you can replace it."

The car expert recommended drivers to use a gasket sealer to stop any part of the engine from leaking.

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He said: "Try a gasket sealer in a can and here's how easy it is to use."

The chemicals of the product act as a sealer on holes and imperfections in head gaskets without damaging your engine.

If liquid comes off the engine, the sealant fills up the gap and closes the surface completely.

On the clip, the mechanic proceeds to open the car engine and screws the bolts off the gasket.

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Scotty explained: "First get a wrench and take the bolts off your thermostat gasket.

"When you get the second bolt off, just pull the thermostat housing off, be sure you put a drain pan to collect the antifreeze so animals don't drink it.

"Then you get an old turkey baster and suck out the coolant until the level is below the housing so the sealant won't have any on it."

Drivers need to make sure that the surface is clean so the sealant can stick to the area and not leak.

You should then get get a paper towel and wipe the liquid all off so it's completely dry.

He then proceeds to squeeze the liquid inside the gasket by making a little circle around the hole.

After this you should be able to hit the road again without worrying about it as the sealer dries up "really quickly".

The motorist said: "With many sealers on the market you may have to wait up to 10 minutes.

"You can immediately put it in and fill it up with coolant and it won't leak."

The sealer can be used on any part of the engine – including the valve cover gaskets, the water pump and even the transmission.

The hack will save you hundreds on repairing bills as the product costs only a few quid.

But Scotty warned drivers to never use it on "extremely hot" areas like head and exhaust gaskets – as it can melt and damage your vehicle.

It comes as another expert mechanic revealed how you can find hidden issues with your car's air conditioning unit quickly.

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