‘Easy tips’ to get rid of flies including £1.50 product they hate

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Lynsey Crombie on how to get rid of flies from the house

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Nicola Lewis is the content creator behind This Girl Can Organise, where she shares her home life tips and “how tos”. She shares her tips with an online community, including 185K followers on her Instagram account @thisgirlcanorganise.

Recently she shared a number of helpful tips to get rid of flies in your home on her TikTok account (@thisgirlcanorganise). She said: “Here are my easy tips to prevent flies from coming into your home.”

How to get rid of flies in your home

Use a fly screen

“Attach a fly screen curtain to your door,” Nicola advised. There are different forms of fly screens, including mesh and pleated screens, like the one Nicola uses. All of them act as physical barriers where flies enter the home, doors, and windows.

Put up a disco ball

Not only will this jazz up your patio or kitchen, but it will keep flies away too. Flies have eyes that are very sensitive to light, and reflective light blinds and confuse them.

Use a bug zapper

Nicola said: “Plug in a bug zapper, it’s so satisfying.” These electrical items attract flies and other insects with light and then electrocute them.

Use vinegar

Nicole said: “Flies hate the smell of vinegar, so get a damp cloth and wipe it over your outdoor windows and doors.”

Buy a fly-repellent fan

If flies are bothering you while you eat outside in the summer, Nicola advised: “Invest in a fly repellent fan and place it by your food if you’re eating outside.”

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TikTok users suggested their own tips and tricks keep flies at bay. One advised hanging a bag of water, explaining: “Hang a bag of water on your door/windows the flies won’t come in.”

Others swore by-products with strong smells to keep flies at bay. “Hang sprigs of rosemary at doors and windows help too,” one said.

Another wrote: “Citron scented candles outside also works wonders especially if you have a little one.”

Two swore by a herb commonly used in Italian food. One wrote: “Apparently potted basil too…cheap enough from Asda and I quite like the smell.”

One said: “I bought a Basil plant and placed it in the kitchen. I have not seen a fly in a week.”

If flies have infested your home, a clever fly hack using a kitchen staple can trap the pests.

Gina, who runs the healthy lifestyle blog Skinny Taste (@SkinnyTaste), shared an “easy” hack to get rid of fruit flies with her TikTok audience of 319.5K followers. 

She explained: “Start with a little bowl of water, add some dish soap to it and white vinegar.

“Mix that all together. Leave it overnight in your fruit bowl and in the morning you will see that all of the fruit flies are dead.”

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