‘Easy options’: ‘Effective’ and ‘inexpensive’ ways to save money on your next energy bill

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Energy prices are at an all-time high, with energy bills set to rise by 54 percent on Friday 1 April. This will leave many facing the stark choice of choosing between heating and eating this winter and spring. The Government has announced up to £350 in support to help mitigate rocketing prices. It won’t cover the full cost of the price hikes though, so Paul Wilson, Personal finance expert at Cash Lady has shared his top tips for saving money on energy bills for the coming months.

Paul said: “It looks like energy prices are likely to rise higher than ever before in 2022. 

“Making sure you’re getting the best deal has never been more important, and taking steps to cut back your fuel usage should be on everyone’s agenda.

“Even small changes can help put some money back in your pocket and big tasks, like moving to a new tariff, are worth looking into.”

Here are several ways to reduce fuel usage and help keep energy bills down.

Install draught excluders

As the cold weather continues, it’s important to make sure your doors aren’t letting out valuable heat and letting in the cold. 

Paul said: “You can buy permanent solutions that attach to the bottom of your door, or decorative excluders that are a quick and easy option. 

“Draught excluders are an inexpensive and effective way to quickly tackle any lost heat from your home.”

Seal all windows

In the same vein as draught excluders, making sure windows are sealed against the cold is a quick win. 

Older houses especially can have less efficient windows. 

Paul said: “Window sealing strips can be bought from most DIY stores and are available in various styles to also complement home decor. 

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“Additionally, if you have curtains, use them.”

Lined curtains will keep rooms warm in winter and cooler in summer, meaning less need to rely on heating or cooling systems.

LED bulbs

The initial outlay may be a little steeper when it comes to LED bulbs, however, they will help to save a fortune on energy bills.

Paul said: “They use 75 percent less energy than their incandescent counterparts, so it’s a switch worth making. 

“They also last longer and so you won’t need to buy them as often which results in long-term savings and less waste.”

Be mindful

Just as you can plan and prepare when to have your heating on, you can also consider where in the house you actually need the heating. 

Paul said: “If the spare room is used for the rare times you have guests, then you can turn that radiator off and shut the door. 

“Radiator valves are also there to be used.” 

Not everyone you live with will like the same level of heat and children’s rooms may need a lower temperature if they tend to get hot in the night. 

Think carefully about how you are using your heating, not just when you use it.

Other appliances

Paul noted how there are a whole host of things we use daily in our homes that burn fuel. 

Make sure lights are switched off when rooms are not in use, put post-it notes on the switches as a reminder if needs be. 

Try not to use the dryer as this is a huge energy burner, instead put clothes on radiators that are being used anyway. 

Washing your laundry in large loads rather than little and often is another way to be more efficient. 

Consider batch cooking some of your weekly meals and freezing them, that way, you’re having to cook less which means using the oven less. 

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