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You spend the rest of the day working on the place. Re almost halfway done before the sounds of more fighting outside start to get louder. You look out the windows and see the firemen getting the same result. The next day, you see the government troops, but of course with more of them. T be better for everyone if they all just got the hell out and never came back. Re helping out the troops and taking a backseat to the firemen. Re cleaning up the place and helping them, but soon it starts getting to be too much and you begin to worry about your wife. T really think about it too much, because you think about other things and you worry about those other things more. S been about a decade since you joined the Woban tribe. Ve had less than no trouble in doing it. T have to give up your sense of adventure. T really been thinking about your past life. T thinking about the woman you used to be a teenager with. Re able to even ask yourself what was going through your mind when you were thinking about her in the past.

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