‘Easiest’ method to clean a washing machine to ‘kill any bacteria and stains’

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Daily Express shares washing machine cleaning hacks

It is important people remember that although it is the job of the washing machine to clean garments, it is up to them to ensure the appliance is regularly looked after.

By making sure the appliance stays in good condition, households will see its performance keeping to a high standard and their clothes feeling – and smelling – nice and fresh.

Appliance expert at Domestic & General, Ian Palmer-Smith, has shared his top tips for cleaning each and every section of a washing machine to keep it all in working order. 

How to clean the washing machine drum

The expert claimed that the “easiest way to clean out the drum” of a washing machine is to run a maintenance wash cycle.

Ian said: “A maintenance wash is essentially a deep-clean cycle that helps to kill off any bacteria, mould stains or sludge that has built up. This is carried out by performing a very hot ‘cotton’ wash coupled with some washing machine cleaning solution.”

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It’s best to do this at least once a month to keep the washing machine nice and clean which in turn “will keep your laundry clean and fresh too”.

How to clean the washing machine seal

The washing machine expert recommends that the washing machine seal will also feel the benefits from the deep clean maintenance cycle, as it will help to tackle any dirt that has built up. 

However, sometimes a maintenance cycle isn’t enough as bacteria and mould can get trapped in the lip of the seal.

Ian said: “The best way to clean this is with a damp cloth and disinfectant spray. Spray your product into the lip and then use our cloth to get into it and dig out any dirt that has built up.”

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How to clean the washing machine detergent drawer

To clean the drawer, households will first need to remove it from the machine and then soak it in warm soapy water. Remove any small components of the drawer to make sure no area is missed.

Once it has been soaking for a while, remove the drawer and any components from the water, rinse them off and leave them to dry. 

It’s important to remember to wipe down the slot in the machine before replacing the drawer.

How to clean the washing machine filter

Ian explained that filters need to be cleaned out every four to six weeks to “avoid requiring a washing machine repair”. 

The filter can be found at the bottom of the machine, households may need to remove the cover to get to it. 

When removing the cover, it is likely that water will leak out so make sure to lay down towels to protect the floor.

Then unscrew the filter and allow the water to drain out. Once this is done, remove the filter and run it under hot water. 

Leave it to dry before screwing it back on. Ensure it is screwed on tightly to avoid any leaks, then replace the cover to complete the task.

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