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Je n avoir contribuirement a tout plus. It is a very long letter in the French, but I trust you will understand that it means, We propose that we take advantage of the situation around Coquitlam and the surrounding areas by selling the Coquitlam Coast to the highest bidder and leave the area in better condition than when we took it. As I have said, I have been trying to do my best to keep you informed as to what I have learned from my experiences, but given the number and the nature of the events which have taken place, its been difficult. The worst of the damage and destruction has undoubtedly been done, I have also had time to investigate the possible causes of the earthquake and its after effects which have also damaged parts of the village and its surrounding area. To give you an idea of the damage, the house of the first Mayor of Coquitlam was destroyed by fire and a part of the house had to be rebuilt completely. The whole village is without power and without water and in a state of extreme alarm. The railway has been damaged and is only operating in small segments from one side of the village to another. As for the ship which Captain Hines and his crew captured and wrecked on the coast, a number of the seamen on board have been picked up and brought to land to make reparation for their misdeeds. Some of them are even still alive and are being cared for at the village infirmary. It is obvious that something must be done now to prevent further loss of life. I have discussed this matter with Colonel Moore who says he has just returned from Fort St. James and that the local authority there is in a situation very like that in Coquitlam. He states that the soldiers guarding the place are in a state of extreme exhaustion. I have already intimated to him that your men are needed to help the local militia if we are to be successful in preventing further losses of life. He is not enthusiastic about this idea as he feels that all our troops should remain put so that the fighting will not become too heavy for them and the citizens will take the full benefit of our assistance. Colonel Moore says that I should do much better if I was in a position to leave Coquitlam right now, but that it would be better for me to stay in the village and remain in contact with you until the situation becomes more comfortable for us. I dont know how much truth there is in these reports and if it is true what you say about Colonel Moore he is probably right in that his men dont deserve the credit. In any case, I have no time to waste at the moment.

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