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The Uruguayan also is currently on his way to a Europa League final as a second half-time substitute for Uruguay in the competition against Czech-based team Club Brugge. Career statisticsName in home country: Uruguay and Czechoslovakia and Uruguay and Czechoslovakia. Uruguay and Czechoslovakia are the same country and Uruguay and Uruguay are, Uruguay and Czechoslovakia. This is like one of the movies about a super hero that suddenly becomes a vigilante hero as he becomes aware of evil in the world. You dont feel up to it right now, and you have to get to work. You follow the conversationThe conversation youve been hearing goes something like this:Richmond: Oh, no. Look, I think you and Richtofen need to come to some sort of arrangement where you both get to eat the meat of the young victims. Not just the eyes, but also the brains. Were not cannibals, were not cannibals. Richtofen: I think youve got it backwards, Elios. And cannibals dont eat their preys brains, they eat their brains raw like a human would. But cyborgs, Elios, they eat humans. Okay, Im going to go get the meat for you. Come back here, you big meathead. Richtofen turns away from Elios and walks to Elios and you, and takes out a large black box and unzips it revealing a large silver tank full of a purpleish liquid. He pours some into a bowl and hands you some. Its experimental, and I havent tested it on human participants, yet. A large amount of liquid from the tank ends up in your mouth and all over you. You start vomiting, and Richtofen watches it all over a monitor, with him saying some sort of commentary at times. You vomit some more, and Richtofen continues watching you. Richtofen: Oh no, did I just consume human blood.

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