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Laurent Duvernay-Tardif contract and salary cap details, fullThere was some interest in the idea. So in the interest of discussion, and to see if we could start a conversation on the subject, Im telling you the whole story of how I met Laurent Duvernay Sigh, The season is just getting started, and you have a huge decision to make. 2 million contract Duvernay is throwing at you, or do you take a risk and look for an offer that might be better in the longer term. Duvernay is a decent starting Safety, but not as good as Chris Conte or Nate Irving. Conte is a top-flight player at his position, and Irving is still relatively young and in his prime. Duvernay and the team both know youre the best guy for that position and will be able to get him for the money. Your decision could end up being the difference in the playoff race for you, and your fate could rest on Duvernay. The more you talk to the veteran Safety, the more you start to think about what youre getting yourself into. Hes not afraid to tell you how he feels. Im not really interested in getting in the media. Duvernay gets a little more animated when he talks about his issues. Ive done nothing wrong all these years. I feel like Im being blackballed because Im not playing for a team that wants me around the way the fans want me around. Ive got a team that knows me, and thats why I play this game. I cant play for the team that doesnt like me, that doesnt want me anymore. Duvernay doesnt have a chance on the team he once played on. Hes going to make you feel like hes wrong about anything. And that when you have your next contract and move on from the Vikings, youll probably take a little less, but youre open to deals. Duvernay is a little surprised, but you continue telling the truth, Well just have to see how things turn out. I just want to be with your team for the rest of my career, and we can figure out what that is. Duvernay looks a little more disappointed, maybe he didnt really want to hear that. He does seem to like you better than the team. Maybe hell be able to work out a deal.

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