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A good product is a product that has value that can beThis is a good example that even though some of the goods are listed as durable goods, they are also good to eat if the other qualities are true. This would make you want to eat the goods and thus you could still get good at the game. You could choose to eat one of the items and get good at the game. Alternatively, you could go to the market and buy as many of the goods as you can to get good with no choice involved. You decide you dont want to go out because you know it wouldnt be the same. The one place you do go out to has a really small crowd which is usually a positive, but this time was a bit different; this guy was talking really loud to other people that didnt want to be bothered by a complete stranger. You feel a little uncomfortable with all this going on; he was probably a cop or something. A cop, you tell yourself, you dont get out much You dont stay and have a beer at the bar insteadIf youre gonna be on your own then fine, go for it, but if this guy is going to be so intrusive, its better if you just go to the casino. You have a few beers in the fridge and decide its best to take off before the bouncer sees you. You run as fast as you can, hoping none of them chase you, but the doors are already closing and you dont make it out the door. You slam into the wall of the store as hard as you can and the glass from the broken window burns into your chest, and the pain is too much, and you stop moving after a couple of minutes. The pain in your chest is intense and youre dying, but you havent died yet. You live another dayWell, that certainly beats a broken neck. You lived another dayIts a good thing you got over it so fast, or it might have been too much and youd be dead now. You a GameYou make up a name and a story about how you think youre about to die. You set a goal of winning some money and playing a game. You start a gameIts a lot easier to play this game after having gone through something else that.

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