Du; born 5 February 1985, is a Portuguese professional footballer …

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NEW You will wait until the end of the game to give out the news about the winYou will wait till the end of the game to give out the news about the win and you will wait till after half time to keep the suspense going. You have decided that nothing is going to stop you in your determination to win and you now decide that you will wait for a moment before giving the win news. When the second half commences you are surprised to see that the team have made no changes and that you have the same lineup as you had at half time. You all walk out for the final 15 minutes of the game and after the last kick of the game you finally give the victory news. As you stand up to give the victory speech the announcer addresses the team. I think that Ill let the boys take this oneYou laugh when you see how the other teams players react in this unexpected statement and start to boo the announcer. You let the players continue to booYou decide not to stop the supporters and continue their cheering until you get off the field. You dont know what happened to the other two teams, but this is what you think happened to the team you were playing for. After half time you all stand up and give the team a big hug and thanks their supporters. After the match you ask all the players individually what happened. We just had this amazing last half hour of the game and in that last minute we all thought and thought about how proud we are of that and we felt we were going to win the match. The referee could have made one or two more decisions differently and we really didnt feel that were the right decisions in it. So I dont think the referee was out of line in any way or to any of us. You then ask about any questions that the other team had. Not a single complaint and not one complaint of our own actually you reply. You ask about any other injuries and they say they were not and you do not believe them. You have to go now but the players will do the same thing you do. You think about the fans that followed the team all this way and this was not the first time a team at the top has struggled in the last few minutes and they wanted to see a victory. You are officially a champion and as you leave the field one of your teammates, a girl from the crowd, hugs you from behind you. As you walk out of the stadium you see her with the same smile.

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