Drivers urged to avoid 'dangerous' tricks when clearing frost from cars – as they risk fines of up to £100

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DRIVERS are being warned to avoid any "dangerous" tricks when it comes to clear windscreens in icy conditions.

It may be easier to pour on hot water or use rubbing alcohol, but these tricks can cause harm to cars plus wind up in a fine.

When drivers wake up in the morning and see their car covered in ice, they always want to the quickest and simplest ways to de-ice it.

One hack that has become popular is filing a sandwich bag with warm water and rubbing it across the windscreen and windows.

While this is a quick and easy fix, the melted ice could refreeze after you start your journey, causing an issue.

Driving with ice or condensation on your car is classed as driving with obscured vision.

If you get caught driving in these conditions, you could get up to a £100 fine and three penalty points on your licence.

One bizarre hack in stopping condensation has come from a pantry.

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Potatoes have been previously used to rub on windscreens and windows to stop condensation from returning.

Rubbing a potato over windscreens can cause smears, again impairing your view.

RAC breakdown spokesperson Simon Williams gave some advice on what is best to do and what not to do when clearing your windscreen.

Simon said: “In winter it’s really important to carry a scraper and de-icer so you can clear your windscreen quickly.

"Don’t ever be tempted to use hot water to clear a frozen windscreen.

"Any driver trying this ‘hack’ is more likely to end up with a crack than a clear windscreen.  

“Drivers should be aware it’s illegal to drive looking out of a small gap in a frozen windscreen."

Here's eight dangerous mistakes drivers make when de-icing their cars.

Is it illegal to leave your car engine running to defrost your car?

Drivers can prevent frost on windscreens using four household items.

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