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DRIVERS are only just realising a 50p B&M item can leave their cupholders spotless in seconds.

The bargain motoring and cleaning hack has been revealed on TikTok.

Cleaning guru Connie Peters promised her 160,000 social media followers her tips would have their cars "smelling amazing".

She recommended just a few sprays from a Mr Clean all-purpose cleaner, sold in Britain as Flash and which can be bought online from B&M in £2.99 1.5-litre bottles.

Her 55-second clip has been welcomed by grateful viewers as "amazing" and received hundreds of online "likes".

She highlighted the difficulties involved in keeping cupholders in cars clean.

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She told watchers: "We all love and need them but sometimes they get dirty and sticky and gross."

She then demonstrated spraying on Mr Clean, combining it with water, to scrub a cloth wrapped around a bottle.

She advises doing the same then tucking the bottle into the cupholder space, turning then removing it, before using the cloth to wipe through.

Connie also recommended using the same Mr Clean product, as well as a duster or brush, to similarly clean your car's dashboard.

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And she suggested applying it to car mats too, concluding: "This car now smells amazing."

Another expert has shared their four favourite tips for getting your car super clean.

Meanwhile, a mechanic suggested a £1.25 essential after seeing too many cars riddled by mould.

A basic household item costing just £2 to help keep vehicles clear of dog hair has also been welcomed.

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And another B&M buy has been hailed as essential for motorists not only to keep you warm but also potentially save your life.

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