Drivers left baffled after two DIFFERENT speed limit signs are painted on same road right next to each other

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DRIVERS have been left baffled after shortsighted council workers painted contradictory speed signs on the road right next to each other.

The signs, one saying 30mph, and the other 20mph, were freshly painted on the road in Crouch End, London.

Both sides of the road on Elder Avenue and the main Road Topsfield Parade are clearly marked at 20mph by signs.

But the newly-painted marks say you can do 30mph in one direction and 20 in the other. 

Locals took to social media to complain – and while some thought it was “hilarious” others suspected purposeful confusion to make money. 

One person said “Freshly painted 30 limit, despite 20 limit to the left, to the right, straight ahead, and behind!’ 

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Another joked: “Education still a major issue in the UK.”

While another added: “It certainly is for Haringey Council!”

Meanwhile one woman said: “I think they are trying to catch us out, they must need the money.”

Many people agreed with her – thinking it may be a money racket for the council.

Another woman said: “Seriously!! Haringey are something else Alisha Sufit Ooops, someone wasn't paying attention. 

“Or who knows, maybe it's another 'nice little earner' for the council?”

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