Drivers go wild for £4 B&M essential which is a 'no-brainer' to keep your car spotless & mould-free in winter | The Sun

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DRIVERS are going wild for a £4 B&M winter essential dubbed a "no-brainer" by drivers.

One motorist took to TikTok to reveal how winter car mats – made from durable rubber – should be on everyone's wishlist.

The mats retail for £16 for four at B&M, working out at £4 each.

The driver took to TikTok with a list of "things you should keep in your car for winter".

He showed himself scrubbing ice off the floor of his car.

But he explained rubber mats would wipe out the chore all together.

An added bonus is rubber mats won't allow for mould buildup when ice from your shoes melts into fabric.

A damp environment is an ideal surface for mould and bacteria to grow.

It comes after a car servicing expert revealed a 10p hack that can make all the difference when defrosting your windscreen.

Roger Griggs from servicing and repair company KwikFit, urged drivers to use a windscreen cover overnight to prevent the glass from icing up when the mercury plunges.

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He added that these can be used even more effectively in conjunction with some de-icer spray applied before you cover it up.

Sprays are commercially available for around £2, or you can make your own version for pennies using a vinegar and water solution.

Just make sure to avoid common myths which could actually damage your motor.

For example, never use boiling water to rid your windscreen of ice or use a bank card as a cheap scraper.

It comes after one driver revealed a 65p Aldi essential that can de-ice your driveway in seconds.

Meanwhile, an expert mechanic explained how a £7 Tesco top-up can get your heater going again in cold weather.

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