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DRIVERS have been blown away by an easy trick a woman uses to clean her car after spilling drinks inside.

The hack was uploaded to TikTok by @ellie_kingzy, and most users were shocked after watching the video.

The TikTok user uses a tampon to clean up the spilt Red Bull on the cupboard.

And she said that this hack also works with other liquids, such as water.

She titled the video: 'Not sponsored by Tampax.'

The TikTok user started the video by saying: "I've just gone around the corner and split Red Bull in my cup holder.


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"And I have nothing to wipe it up. This is not even my car, and I'm not going to use my jumper, so I've got a life hack for you all today.

"If you got tampons, just stick the tampon in there and absorb it all up.

"These tampons are going to have wings at the end of this, just you know, soak it all up.

"There we go, look, you know it's going to be sticky, but you have soaked the Red Bull up, guys."

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The video has had five million views and 1,778 comments on TikTok.

One said: "This could be my cup holder. But mine still has the cola in it."

Another said: "But then Red Bull is sticky, so it doesn't solve your problem! Always have wet wipes in your glove box."

A third pointed out: "Good thing I always have one in my car."

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