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DRIVERS have been left blown away after realising the fastest way to cool down your car during the hot summer months.

With plenty of summer sun on the way, Britain's motorists are looking for cheaper ways to reduce the temperature inside their cars.

Handily, a car expert at @royaltyautoservices took to social media to show users a hack to make their AC work faster.

The expert said: "The first thing you should do is roll every single window down in the car, and if you've got a sunroof, open it all the way up.

"As soon as you do that, you're going to feel all the hot air has gone out of the car.

"Set the controls on your AC to make the fresh air come in, not recirculate, fresh air.


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"Now it sounds like it's not blowing hard, but it's just because of the way it sounds because of where it's pulling the air from."

The car expert then goes on to recommend driving your car around for a minute or so.

He continues: "As you're going down the road, and the wind is blowing, the car is getting all the hot air out.

"Then, start putting your windows up, and once you've got the windows up, you're going to start feeling a little cooler.

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"Close the sunroof up; after a minute and a half, go ahead and put the air con on recirculate – and that's gonna make the car get cold really fast."

The video has gone viral on TikTok – with more than 1.2million views.

Most users were amazed after discovering this amazing hack on social media.

One said: "He's right, great explanation. Use the free and easily accessible cooler outside air first. That's less work for the compressor and less time."

Another asked: "Why recirculate at the end?"

The poster answered: "Cools the inside air, which will be colder than the outside once the inside of the car is cooled off."

Another person commented: "This was helpful. Thank you! I've been doing it wrong for years."

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