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A DRIVER who asked internet users if how he parked would get him a fine revealed a little-known rule that could save drivers £100s.

The post along with a picture was uploaded to Reddit by Al_Bee and people are divided over it.

The post has the title: 'Am I safe from the parking rozzers?'

The picture shows a red car with its rear wheels on the white line of a parking bay on the side of the road.

The responses from people highlighted a rule that not all motorists know and one that could save them £100s in parking fines.

One response said: "Legally all parts of your vehicle need to be inside the line.


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"However, many councils offer some leeway and state that only your wheels need to be inside the line, typically defined from the centre of the hubs."

Another said: "This is how a parking enforcement officer explained it to me here in North Devon, other areas may vary."

A third said: "No, any part of the car including bodywork on double yellows is ripe for a ticket."

A Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) usually comes from the council and a driver could be fined up to £100 if all of the car isn't within the white lines.

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I'm a BMW driver and I love getting parking tickets – they're VIP passes

Several cases of drivers fined for parking slightly over the white lines have been reported in the last year.

Most were fined £100, but if paid within 14 days the fine is £50.

Not a lot of drivers know that if you receive an offence, it's worth checking that the parking space meets the minimum width, which is usually 1.62m wide.

This is measured from the outer edges of the white lines – drivers can also appeal the fine if they believe it isn't marketed correctly or it's too small.

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