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You could buy a dress that guarantees an appearance. You click off, and resume your work. You visit the Red Carpet againYou return to the Red Carpet once more, this time in search of a particular dress. You make your way down to what you hope is the right area, and as you approach the Red Carpet, you see a young woman with short blond hair and a pale face. She approaches you from behind, giving you a look of disdain, as she points her hand at you and speaks in a low voice. You turn to look at her, finding her dressed in a high-necked red dress with a white bodice and a deep red skirt. Her face, once pale, is now dark and drawn. You cant help but notice her dark hair and freckles, her blue eyes, and the way shes holding on to her bag with one hand and is looking you up and down. Youre lucky to get her to take a liking to you. Youre not used to such compliments from people, let alone from someone you just met. Oh, dont worry, Im not judging, she says, still looking at you. My names Miranda; you probably came here to see me. Im an excellent worker and know the companys best interests.

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