‘Don’t have to carry out work’: Simple way to ‘increase your property’s value’

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Move iQ: How to maximise your property’s value

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For homeowners looking to sell their house, maximising the property’s value is vital. In a video for Move iQ, property expert Bryn Lucas shared top tips to give people the best possible chance of selling their home. One of the top tips included how to “maximise” a property’s value.

Bryn said before putting a house on the market, homeowners should have a look at what similar houses have sold for.

He said: “Even before you speak to estate agents, get a rough idea by looking at the sale price of similar properties in your area.

“Good presentation always helps, making sure DIY jobs are complete and there’s fresh paint on the walls.

“Even replacing the carpets if they’re making your home look shabby.”

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Another simple key tip for boosting value is to apply for planning permission.

The property expert explained: “Also, consider applying for planning permission if your home lends itself to improvement or extensions.

“Even if you don’t plan to carry out the work, having permission approved can increase your property’s value.”

Presentation is key when it comes to selling a property for the best price.

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A property with an eye-watering price tag could sit on the market for longer if it’s cluttered, dirty and dated.

Bryn said it’s important to “make the first impression count”.

He said: “Does your home have good curb appeal?”

Windows and a roof in good condition, a tidy-looking garden, a cared-for front door and entrance inside are all great ways to make a home more appealing to buyers.

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The property expert also advised sellers to think about lighting and space.

He said: “Think about the lighting to help maximise the space.

“Perhaps with lamps in dark corners.

“Cleverly placed mirrors can also help a room to look more airy.

“Remove or disguise any carpet stains. Be rigorous about bad odours.”

“If you can take pets out with you and let the estate agent do their job conducting viewings.

“Having done all that, you can hope to have some decent offers.”

One expert has also suggested that the kitchen and bathroom are the two rooms that can boost value the most.

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