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In order to place an order for any distribution, please, enter, in, the. 0, You can choose your region and then click on your country, or choose another region from the list. If you click on your country, you receive the following information on distributors and prices, in order.

As you can see, the website doesnt make any attempt to give out information about who operates the website or who the distributors are. The information is provided by the distributors themselves, and it is not necessary for the site to be hosted on the website itself, in order to have access to it. I suspect that the reason why the site isnt available in the US is because no American distributor would be likely to provide it for free, and the fact that the site isnt hosted on Google means that it wouldnt be indexed by Google. A quick search on Google revealed the following URLs, though most of them were redirects. I cant see how all of the redirects work, and if theyre actually working just as a means of obfuscation Im not going to bother looking into it.

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