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A distribution channel will usually be a group of manufacturers or creators working together with distributors. Re creating a new piece of the marketing puzzle which you will have to work out how it will fit into your overall marketing strategy, which part goes where, who is responsible for what and how much of each task. A good example of this would be going from the creation of the distribution channel to the creation of the website You need a distribution channel. You might have a distribution channel right now, but without a website, who is going to promote your product. Who is going to get it into the hands of potential customers. If you have a distribution channel right now, why not try to create a website. T create a website without a website and distribution channel. You have the distribution channel and website; they belong together. Re tired of having to explain to everyone why you need to buy your products directly. There is no way you can create a website without a website and distribution channel. A website is a very important part of your overall marketing strategy. Ve come up with a plan to correct those weaknesses and improve upon them. A website is a powerful and effective way for you to market yourself and to market your products. You need to stand out and your marketing plan is going to be to stand out. Your products and services are going to be seen first and foremost by the people you want to sell to.

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