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NowYou hold off on selling shares of Disney as you watch the price of stock change. You are hoping for a rise, but there is no way that the price is going to go back to where it was. You look at your profit and its not enough to cover your costs, let alone your purchase, or your selling, price. You look at the profit table and see that while you have a lot more to sell, youve still got a good profit left over. Youre not as broke as you thought you were going to be. You sell your sharesYou enter the main Disney page and press the sell buttons. The price changes slightly, but you havent lost any money. The profit table changes slightly, but you arent missing any profits. 13, so youve made your money back. You put your phones in your pocket and head off to the bus stop. You dont see the bus coming, but youll likely see one going in the opposite direction soon. Your day is over, but youre happy with your day so you head off to the bus stop where you know the other bus will be coming from in the opposite direction. You know at least that youll see one going in the same direction soon. You leave the bus stop and walk about a block from where you live. You cant tell whether its morning or afternoon. It isnt in any better condition than it was when you left it. You wonder if you should fix it up or just leave it the way it is now. You suppose you should fix it up. You walk back to your house and look at it from the front door. You walk inside to see if its still in one piece. You open the door and the first thing you see is your stepdaughter, a girl that you didnt know had been in your house. You look at the little Asian girl and it appears like youve never seen her before. You remember when you were talking with her about your son and her about being adopted, but you dont remember her last name or the fact that her birth mother was Chinese. You grab your phone and press the number of the police. Your phone rings off the hook, but the voice on the other end of the line is very professional and pleasant. Youre under arrest for child neglect and endangering the welfare of a child.

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