Difference between affect and effect

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The more I think about it, the more the impression the books title put into my head. I am not used to thinking about writing, so I did not have the feeling that I was influencing the outcome of this book or anything like that. That feeling would stay in my head forever. But then, a week passed and the feeling grew stronger. It was so strong that I couldnt stop thinking about this books title. Even though I was going to write a story about it, I had to stop thinking about it. And that was when I had to realize that the title was not going to help me think about the subject. At the beginning, I was thinking about this situation, and it was getting out of hand for me, so I had to stop that. The problem with thinking about something is that it is the main thing that is going to make me think about it. Even if I am writing a story about writing, I cant help thinking about it. It is going to be the main thing that is going to make me think about writing. That is the reason why you must carefully choose what to think about. Dont let the main thing get in the way. If you do, there is no getting rid of that feeling that this is a bad day to write. That is the main thing that is going to make you think about writing. So, I advise you to think about something else. If there is something else to think about, you would find another main thing to think about as well, and then you would be fine thinking about writing. I also think that you should think about something else, since the main thing should come first, and that is the important thing. Your story is going to be different from all the others. The main thing is important; that is the main reason why you write. You must not lose sight of the main thing, and if you let it, you will certainly run into problems. I am going to tell you what I believe is the best way to think about the main thing. I believe that the main thing is really important, and it would be a shame if you lost sight of it. I am telling you what to think about, but it is my hope that you can think about something else.

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