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The first is like how a monarch, but this is one person who is in charge for an entire nation, not the ruler of an individual city. The second, is like the dictatorship of a single ruler, but this is a government run by multiple people. Each one does their own tasks. You become the new rulerYou are a ruler, so you need to follow the rule of law. If you are trying to rule a democracy and not a dictatorship, then you need to not abuse your power. It is not a dictatorship to just hand out death sentences, although you might do that, it should not go too far. I think I need to make some changes to my way of rule, then I just need to make them to the entire empire. I think I also need to have a central council to help me keep order in the empire, or at least to help me make decisions when not all the people are in agreement with what I want to do You think out loud. Well you already did your research on that. Just get rid of the slave trade and make sure we have no more defections so that people will not rebel anymore, or at least not turn against their own kind. The capital should be under a complete military dictatorship, and the rest of the population should be subject to it. No more people rebel, or even try to escape the capital. I agree that the slave trade shouldnt be allowed to continue. It was getting to be too much of a problem with the population growing too much for the slave pen. I think there should be a law that anyone who is in the capital without a valid reason, their entire family will be executed by throwing them into the pen. Yeah, and the capital city should also have a dictatorship. It shouldnt have a constitution anymore though, it should be a monarchy. One person with all the power, and no one can rebel. I think we should also start holding festivals and celebrating life, since death and sorrow arent the only things that can touch you. That, and maybe having live sacrifices at certain days, can make it feel like youre even experiencing more happiness and joy, but just temporarily. You think that is what the rest said, you dont really pay any heed to that though, you just think it out of habit. So what are we doing about the citizens that are rebel leaders. Well, the only reason why I didnt execute a few of them is because they were people that I genuinely had a dislike for when I had to have them tortured in the past, as well as other citizens that wanted revenge on the Empire, and so on, so the.

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