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You let him rule for a whileWith the power that Tyrion has, you think you can manage your own affairs for a while. Youll be able to concentrate on the project in your own way and if any trouble comes you can easily eliminate it. S no doubt the best path now. You have all the supplies you need right here so your first task is to get the first parts of the machine running. The first thing you do is have some of the workers cut wood for firewood. Ve got enough to last you a couple weeks so the project can stay moving faster. S done you go to the forge and have a small forge built. T need to build anything of importance, just a few tools to make metal for the foot of the contraption. S a nice simple design with lots of obvious areas for future expansion and improvement. T find a reason for them yet, you just move on. You keep experimenting on your own in the workshop as well. You get a little careless with the materials used and one of the workers gets hurt. You make a public announcement that any further materials discarded will be considered litter and will be taken away. After this announcement, you get your own workshop cleared out as the other workers are now doing all your construction work which is now reduced to just maintenance and cleaning up after yourself. T shake the feeling that your job has been usurped. Ll have to be content with mowing the lawn and doing the house chores. And here you thought your life was going to change forever. This is your life now and you can adapt to it. You work towards your goal with as little stress as possible, you adapt your approach to the job, you adapt the outside world to your needs.

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