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Hollows exist in the surface of Mercury, like a gravel field. The surface of Mercury is so-called because of its shiny appearance, which is thesurface of averydarksurface. The group, representing more than 200,000 physicians, warns that the measures could have a chilling effect on research. We believe federal law remains the law of the land, and we cannot speculate on the intentions of the incoming administration, AMA board member and neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock writes in the letter to members published today. However, we do want to make clear that the AMA will not stand idly by as the Justice Department and other federal officials attempt to reschedule marijuana from a substance with a currently accepted medical use under federal law to one with less than that status. The letter further warns that some states, such as California, that have legalized marijuana could see their federal funding for medical research cut off. The AMA believes that scientific research on marijuana has not yet been adequately conducted, and we believe that any such research should continue regardless of state policy changes, says the letter from Blaylock, who is also an author of a new book about the legalization of marijuana called Weed: The Politics of a New Drug.

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