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You are at a fork in the road; either you go down the path leading to the North Bend SLRD and seek the help of an agency that might possibly be helpful in your quest, or you decide to go independently and see if you can convince the SLRD to let you use their land for your own purposes. You go to the SLRDYou would rather not become part of the SLRD. You ask where to go and the SLRD officer tells you to go to the North Bend SLRD, the agency nearest to you. Re getting a land call from its main office, which has a new SLRD officer there. He tells you that your call is already being handled there, but he will get back to you. A month passes and you get a call from the SLRD office, which is now getting calls from people wanting to use the North Bend land. A young man named Frank questions your application and demands to see the permit, but you decline him. You tell him that he can have the permit whenever he likes; you just need to give it to him when you give it to him, as it is in your possession and he needs to see it. You let Frank see the permitYou agree to give it to Frank to be on the safe side, but you are determined to fight this. Frank begins to question you and says that he is going to ask to see the permit, but in order to do that, you will have to give him the name of every organization you have been associated with and a description of any buildings or items you may be keeping on the North Bend land. Frank demands to see the permit and says that you need to give him more information, so he shows you the permit as he tells you more about the SLRD. S doing this to you because he knows that you are against the SLRD. Frank says that the SLRD is doing good work. He says that you should all join the SLRD and leave North Bend. Re not a real resident of North Bend, and he should know because his mother worked with a woman named Jane, who worked at the North Bend SLRD. S going to take away your water.

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